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Why Pyramid?

All In One


A pyramid workout contains a warm-up, an exercise challenge, and a cool down. The first set is very easy, which makes it easy to get started.


Custom Fitness Level

No matter what your current fitness level is, you can customize the pyramid to get a workout that massively benefits your body, but isn’t too hard.


Enjoy the Ride

Remember that you don’t have to complete the whole pyramid each time. The idea is to work towards that goal and enjoy the ride!

How Does It Work?

Reach the goals

During the first half of the pyramid workout, the number of reps for each set increases. During the second half of the workout, the number of reps for each set decreases.

  • Tap the arrow buttons to move between sets
  • Tap the “goal” button to auto-fill your reps
  • Type an "actual" number yourself, if needed.
Pyramid Edit
Pyramid Creation

Create your Workout

When creating a pyramid workout, you set the “goal” reps for the first and second level as well as determine the highest level . The app will auto-generate all other levels.

You can also change the “units”, like seconds or minutes instead of reps, which makes pyramid workouts great for both cardio and strength training.

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